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One of my favorite YouTube channels. The man is a genius with video editing and has made some absolutely fantastic video cuts regarding NASA hoaxes, Flat Earth, 9/11 and other conspiracies. The music tracks are wonderful and have become partā€¦

Sagnac Gyroscope

Pandora’s box šŸ•‹ Sagnac Fiber Optic Gyroscope I researched this intently as electronics systems engineer … For 60 years , a secret tech, on all commercial planes, holds flat and heading absolute. to.03 nm on all axis and heading.šŸŽˆSagnac gyros know up,ā€¦

Website Launch

Welcome to! This is a new website with the idea of spreading Flat Earth knowledge. I was made aware of Flat Earth in 2016 but did not fully research this idea until early 2019. After much exhaustive research andā€¦

Authentic Intent

Authentic Intent is fantastic channel on YouTube promoting many ideas including Flat Earth. Josh, the channel’s maintainer lives in Minnesota and visits nearby parks and lakes to promote free speech and to hopefully spur up some meaningful conversation while spreadingā€¦

Marilyn Spirit Level

Marilyn Spirit Level is the name of a wonderful flat earther in Pennsylvania that goes out into the public, armed with her rolling banners, flyers, business cards, and nerves of steel. Marilyn is an inspiration for all flat earthers andā€¦