Marc Genest, Flat Earth Singularity

1. IGLD,International Great Lakes Datum, Proves Flat 🕳
2. Zodiacal light east/westerly all night, Proves Globe🌎
3. If 1. / 2. are true, Proves (Black Hole planet).  Blanet🌌

The earth is Flat AND Spherical. Seemingly a paradox. Pandora’s box…Black hole earth🕳🌎
I laid out strong evidence for both being true giving credence to my final conclusion … earth is a black hole singularity. It’s flat if we measure but sphere as we observe the sky… you can’t have both unless … black hole… there are no flat planets and the universe does not spin around earth.

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1. Flat Earth 🕳
2. Sphere Earth 🌎
3. Black Hole Singularity 🌌
4. Informational Gods 😇 Alpha🔱Omega
5. The North Pole and The Holy Grail connection 🔱🍷
6. Universal Minds and our Black Hole Singularities 🧠
7. Quantum / Higgs, Zup⚜️ Zeropoint, The GOD particle, Alpha🔱Omega Chryst-alisation

I am a high end / systems engineer, of multi-discipline (see my CV at bottom) and I have researched intensely, life the universe and everything.
Blanets exist, (black hole planet, also called a singularities). They say millions in our Milky way. What if earth is one. or we are one, the science is clear, flat and ball paradox unless we are in a black hole. (Black holes sucks all matter(wave information) into its 2D event horizon.
Facts as I see them , most logical, Occam’s razor
1. Earth measures flat optically and measurably. except 200′ drop at the poles.
2. Earth is spherical as all other sphere in our solar system, same type eclipse, seasons, etc.
3. We spin, around and revolve the sun, like every other body in our solar system.
4. Zodiacal light of sun on dust particles easterly westerly confirm it.
5. A paradox ensued, is it flat or is it not. Fact is, only black hole properties match/fit the bill.
Note: In particle physics there is no matter, only wave, a closed wave(of information) is a singularity/black hole.

The debate Flat vs Sphere

1. – Earth is flat “to us”, by observance and measured by interferometre, scientific and commercial acceptance is absolute fact, with extreme minute variance of 1.5 meter across the plane.  (North pole and south pole sea level dips by a few hundred feet but is a slight exception)

2. – Earth is a globe, Zodiacal light of the sun proves the earth acts like any other Planet / Black hole. We must accept globe, as there are no flat planets. Further, astronomical observance of other planets, phases, eclipses, seasons ALL scientifically correlate to earth .

3.Earth is both Flat and Globe then it must be a Black Hole.

4. If 1. & 2. & 3. are true, Proves we are Informational Gods, light/mind/spirit/souls of Universal proportion.

1. Flat Earth 🕳

1. IGLD1985, International Great Lakes Datum prove flat.

There is a standard IGLD sea level height reference used earth wide. It is based on the Great lakes water level accepted across earth. The Great lakes sea level and actually all lakes have no tides, level is constant, therefore ideal for use as a zero ref. / common “sea” level for ALL construction (Cartesian flat elevation Datum) anywhere on earth. Legal tender.

Sagnac gyroscopes, FLY LAB FLAT

Lab flat, meaning ..In factory, set flat at the location it is built, Note: once set remains set, (like your smartphone gyro) it reads nothing. Ie. self running …or self initialization. Always knows up ..Zup, (gyro up / flat ground is referenced to it, or its “Frame of reference” ) A reference from the Zup axis gives a gyro reference for tilt pitch and yaw, heading to the nanometer across the flat earth / event horizon. Pinpoint accurate and dependable, reads nothing but itself in reference to its ” Flat event horizon” of “its own closed universe“, ie. Earths black hole
It must however cancel the 15 deg/hr (24hr spin) to get “the ground” or “frame of reference” (ie. cancel spin) earth constant reference position to be able to fly relative to “the ground“. It must cancel out our motion in the “whole universe aether space“. (ie. cancel spinning, revolving etc. )
Note: The “whole universe aether space” itself is still,
Earths black hole is a “closed in universe” moves, spins in the grand or whole universe, the gyro must compensate , cancel it, in order to get “Ref. Frame”…ie. “The Ground” to lock in for flight use… ie. reference position.
Our event horizon is isolated informationally but gyros are light or atomic reading devices, they read the aether motion outside “our” black hole as it spins in space.We on quantum information plane of earth’s event horizon are still ,flat and no gravity, isolated, closed off to the “universe aether space vacuum”. The gyros reads light in its aether domain it “knows” “reads it’s position in space, “the spin” . .”The aether motion.” In other words. Gyro reads earth spin motion in the stillness of the universe.

North pole Arctic sea level dip is an exception. Drops by a few hundred feet. (left top chart)

Quantum plane/Event horizon of a black hole
Cartesian Flat, Still with Zup axis and time set@24/day

2. Sphere Earth 🌎

2. Zodiacal lights proves globe.
We always know where the sun is.
We spin revolve around the sun.

Zodiacal lights ( Dust in the solar system reflect light )
It can be seen at any point on earth, all night long (east/westerly), Therefore we always know where the sun is, ie. inline with the spherical aspects of a spining /rotating globe. The flat earth model would require the sun to move around …or rotate “to the other side” of a disc…
ie. when the sun was on the opposite side it would be northerly, that is not the case.

Further , seasons alternation north / south cannot be explained on a disc. Flat plane…is Conclusive, Globe… is Conclusive.
A paradox until one pieces together the fact that a
Black hole (Earth Blanet) is exactly that….(a 2D flat plane event horizon of causal Quantum/Higgs energy within a spherical containment of black hole glob/e) … Conclusive
One of lesser intensity than the one in the center of our Milky way. Also light in transit bundles up(flat plane to spherical information and back to flat plane, or creates packets of flat plane “wrapped” information in transit(universally/naturally)… as in a fibre optics cable. (see video below).

Light appearing at the input of a fibre optic, ie. a flat surface, enters and through natural properties of light as it travels, wraps / warps into quantum dot spheres (Packets of quantum information). At the output reopens or converts back to plane information.
Flat >Sphere >Flat …

Light in fibre optic spheralises to particle in transit

3. Black Hole Singularity🌀

3. If 1./2. are true, Proves Black Hole Singularity.  Blanets (or black hole planets)

Black hole is a singularity … a mind … a life form without matter, all is wave or closed isolated wave as a singularity(something in empty space). It must have 1Dcore(Zero dimensions) 2Dplane(xy) 3D glob/e(xyz) …a 123D is a mind cell(a closed isolated independent universe within THE universe), an information (ℹ️ am) source entity. God with infinite potential of learning and expanding as other universes of memory storage cells interact / network … The LOGOS/God is the universe, as we are…infinite and eternal in a web 🕸 of dark matter mind matrix …we grow, explore / extend /express / commune like fiber optic network, with our Alpha / Omega in/out Zup portals(see holy grail portals), we probe the universe as tentacles of globular light packets of information ℹam relaying consciousness/spirit on quantum plane information interchange of data mind plane earth,
2D messaging light/Higgs nervous / neuron system signal …to earth, the universe,
to everything … via Zup ⚜️ The Holy Halo😇 Grails 🔱
Black hole is (a 1D thought core, ℹam ) with a (2D flat plane information event horizon )
inside ( 3D Glob/e)
I will elaborate bellow…

Blanets are actually a theoretical class of planetary bodies proposed by astrophysicists that could exist within a safe zone adjacent to a black hole. Many people think of black holes as voracious destruction machines, slurping up everything in their immediate vicinity. But that’s not always the case. The environments around active supermassive black holes are complex, and last year, a team of astronomers showed that there’s a safe zone around each supermassive black hole in which thousands of planets could be orbiting.

The centre of our galaxy 🌌 is a massive black hole and it is confirmed and there are billions of Black holes / Blanets in our milky way.

Space bends our isolated dimension imperceptibly because of being a inside a singularity / black hole/ event horizon, flat event horizon tricks us, dimensional warp.. Flat to us but sphere black hole still.
We cannot perceive it but it warps our space or “spacetime” inward to enclose the flat plane information as a whole. Like Dr. Who’s Tardis. Space is bent inside, small outside but the space inside is virtually infinite, like a universe in and of itself. Confined within … We fill the earth quantum dot of information like liquid crystal, energy affecting quantum information reality within. Pseudo 3D. Physical(to “us”), yet not. Light /higgs/ atoms have no substance, just energetic wave processes … just pure 2D information structure, in wave plane or particle packets. Godly fabric, perfect. Holographic / Quantum information linked via Zup grid.. Earth, Quantum flat plane.

Note: How could 2 different types of bodies form in a “universal void” ie. create black holes AND also planets … if you have one you have all. Same universal physics for all bodies. . as …only one kind of atom.
All bodies are identically formed, only different scales. Atom to universe.
Further … what are planets / stars made of… in the “EMPTY” vacuum of space.

Universal mind / Gods…
Information grows and cannot die.
Check this as it confirms my assertions. Wormhole = Zup=Holy grail of information portal.

A black hole has 2D event horizon of pure information on its surface but there can be layers of 2D information forming a 3D crystalic matrix construct. ( analogous to liquid chrystal alignments )
Energy / information is not physical, it has vector expression structure or fractal christalic expression in layered 2D format, with Zup links to our individual minds in the universe. 2D man hath no concept of up. Oblivious to 3D. ie. 2D information feels no motion, feel no curves, feel no gravity. As a computer may have a parallel bus (ie. 64-connecting lines/wires or 128/256 etc. ) between CPU and memory or output stream to network/monitor.
In singularities the bus is vertical, all data flows up and back down…
Crystalised / CHRIST aligned via our Zup matrix paths. Streaming occurs at the north pole a link.. the holy grail. Streams of information /data from all of us, goes out/in,
The Alpha🔱Omega(signal)… refers to God and The Holy grail or Halo/mind link.

A paradox? or in fact in a black hole singularity

Pandora’s Box is spherical yet flat “to us”( we are information in a box called earth) glob/globe/of a “closed in” universe in itself. ie. Black hole singularity.
I conclude we are all pandora boxes like earth , we are somewhere in space/universe ourselves, a singular / singularity mind that commutes information out/in A🔱Ω.
Note: Information “us/data” is oblivious to motion, curve or gravity) but still it will wrap to the event horizon of its black hole”universe”. The flat earth plane /box information is on the event horizon of its black hole sphere. Our information connects to earth 2D plane.
We feel no motion/curve/gravity. ie. Flat Earth assertions / parameters.

1D=Zeropoint singularity of information / mind, like Gaia / “us”.. black holes.
2D=expression of 1D, singularity sends to outside of singularity (Information) and return to singularity (Information), send / receive …On earth the information Christalises, the extension is via Alpha/Omega signal, out/in =consciousness… extending thru brain neuron / nervous system / body parts(atoms). A🔱Ω

Black holes spin / revolve etc. but we are part of 2D quantum plane of information / holographic based reality. Streaming data /information point to point via Zaxis…. Zup matrix grid.
The Earth is an information glob/e singularity , a holographic video game of sorts, we the “Players” (minds) are “tied in” / “linked in”…or patched in information from remote location via Zaxis…. Zup⚜️ to “us” {Star🌟/God😇 information entities …🤷‍♂️}
We feel or perceive no motion, no curve nor gravity. We are more software / memory / core program than hardware. Waves…
The Information bits travel along to the limbs or eyes through the brain. Streams of data to neuron / nerve wires networking to and from our “Chrystalised” body on earth quantum plane.(Event horizon)
We are networking entities from our remote universal singularities, our own Stars🌟Consciousness. We commute data to Gaia earth entity mind singularity Planet🪐”Planeground”. Earth is alive ..a turtle / mind entity… of sort … alive … a singularity mind … a cell of life. All spheres are made the same, information mind… it communicates in/out information in form of Quantum/Higgs processes… no actual substance.
All elements of periodic table is frequency not solid

The event horizon of a Black hole / Singularity is a 2D surface containing all the information of the whole. A similarity to a computer game chip / memory / CPU closed system might act like a mind mentally constructing a 3D world environment, simply a question of information construct. In a game environment we experience no motion , no curve, no gravity within this closed simulated (information) environment, it tricks your mind to believe it is real but it is after all nothing but a signal / voltage communication only. A question of data complexity / resolution as far as senses are concerned, to create the illusion of 3D.
A black hole / singularity is more like a computer or “mind” in itself, ie. information held within. The I am… or Logos of our personal individual thought must be contained… somewhere and communication must occur from a 1D centrepoint. .
The event horizon is 2D and completely isolated from the universe.
A singularity is “the player” / user/CPU and it must have data flow, expressing out and receiving information like a neural or nervous system would. Light data / energy / information transfers.
All black holes have centres, Zeropoints, at their north poles they express out in light / energy / information. Ergo …flow of mind information. I conclude that all globs / globes are quantum planes of information, ie. minds.
Atom to universe … all are globs/globes of information processing …minds.

4. Informational Gods 😇

4. If 1./2./3. are true, Proves Informational Gods,    light/mind/spirit/souls of Universal proportion.

Black hole singularity reconciles all, The Grand unification. 
– Flat vs Globe, Quantum, Higgs, Geographic, etc.
Religion – Christ-All-Light zation. Alpha / Omega, God particle.
Archeology – All cultures equate North pole as link to God / Us

The Logos …Origin. God Universe…
and our individual God YOUniverses…

A thought is a Universe (a god), Our Logos(god), is a singularity mind, an enclosure , a black hole isolated from its empty Universe.
The 1D is singularity, is the “I am” …to think …is god. Universally.

Atom to universe, like Nesting dolls one inside the other in orders of magnitude of PHI ratio (dimensions) link Zaxises up ” The Holy Grails⚜️Zup ” at their north poles, the portals of information transfer..
We all are singularities each our own…YOUniversal star/minds ✨. We send signal to and from our own closed YOUniverse (singularity) to Earth,
We commune/ communicate / interact with Gaia Earth mind glob/globe singularity and atoms on the quantum 2D plane event horizon of information , along with others who do the same. We all commune together.
The Holy grail is our networking central signal portal…we plug in. We were never actually on earth, only signal out/in through the Holy Grail⚜️Zup, The Alpha🔱Omega.

Our minds are no more in atoms or in planet.

We signal out/in our own singularity information to / from somewhere in the universe, (possibly stars), as light bodies is information globes , our star / information transmits receives signal to tap into earth… into our body ….it is 2D mental / mathematical / higgs god particle information that creates a pseudo mass/ material 3D world. Consider in nothing space a thought is something as a light is something. The initial Logos, is the original thought, a singularity mind, a containment …a globe of thought…”Mind”.

Atoms hold no memory.
They refresh every billionth of a second

Christ All Light Zation…

The idea we are linked to “God” or “universe” at The North pole, is found throughout religions and ancient cultures. We must believe they all went to the North pole, as follow the north stationary star polaris until it was overhead. ie. “Centre of earth”
What they found there was a light emanation coming out of a hole in the ice.

The Holy Grail, or The Halo. They equated it to Christ Chrystallization” under the ice is a 5km tall crystal spire… Lomonosov Ridge.

Christ = Lomonosov Chryst-all⚜️ + Halo 😇

On earth, we are linked to “god” “us” up in “The heavens”.
(We are not actually on earth…only our Zup⚜️ Grail signal to earth.)
A 2 way Networking signal (Alpha/Omega) which connects to our brain/body. Connects us all to this “Holy Grail”. Hence, The Halo 😇 of saints but also man in general.
(ie. our Zup⚜️ signals to universe, I will prove factual below. A matter of data transfer “information” from one dimensional singularity to another)

All biggest religions recognize Light as the source of all life and all things.
“Be a Light into yourself” — Buddha
“God is Light” — The Bible
“I am the Light of the world” — Jesus
“Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth.” — Quran

In theology, divine light (also called divine radiance or divine refulgence) is an aspect of divine presence, specifically an unknown and mysterious ability of human beings to express themselves communicatively through spiritual means, rather than through physical capacities.

The term light has been archetypically used in spirituality. Bible commentators see the presence of light as a metaphors of truth, good, knowledge, while its absence represents the opposite.

In the first Chapter of the Bible, Elohim is described as creating light by fiat and seeing the light to be good. In Hinduism, Diwali — the festival of lights — is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness. A mantra in Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad (1.3.28) urges God to ‘from darkness, lead us unto Light’. The Rig Veda includes nearly two dozen hymns to the dawn and its goddess, Ushas. And Buddhist scripture speaks of numerous buddhas of light.

Various local religious concepts exist:
Inner light – Christian concept and Quaker doctrine
Prakasa – Kashmiri Saiva concept of the light of Divine Consciousness of Siva
An Noor – Islamic term and concept
Ein Sof – in Rabbinic Judaism
Tabor Light – in Eastern Orthodox theology
Theoria – in Christian theology, illumination on the path to theosis
Ayat an-Nur – in Arabic, the Sign of Light

Light is the core concept in Iranian mysticism. The main roots of this thought is in the Zoroastrian beliefs, which defines The Supreme God Ahura Mazda as the source of light. This very essential attribute is manifested in various schools of thought in Persian mysticism and philosophy.

Although this school had stemmed from the Iranian culture and beliefs, it has spread far into Europe and can be seen and traced in the teachings of the Enlightenment era, Renaissance movement, and even the secret cults as early Illuminati. — Light / Higgs is Consciousness transmission.

Christ-All-Light-zation. Alpha / Omega God particle quantization
Our 1D singularity Mind is a closed black hole of information.
2D is extension of our 1D via [+1 |0| -1] energy signals, or
[Alpha send signal =+1 volt |
Zup ref. / signal =0 volt (zeropoint ref.) |
Omega receive signal = -1volt]
Data flow that connects us …consciousness. ie. our perceived reality is signal out/in… from our own singularities to earth singularity … (our minds are planets or stars ✨/ singularities in origin and currently connected to in space/ universe).

The event horizon is 3D quantum simulation / informational reality transfer to the event horizon /quantum plane, like a mirror we reflect in.
3D Is black hole spheres . ie. a black hole is a universe in its own, same as Atom /planet /star. ie. +1 is Alpha /send to and -1 is Omega /receive from other singularities.
0 is the plane event horizon (mirror) …and its Zeropoint reflexion point back to universal singularities.

Information “us” mind(singularity in space ✨) connects to earth like a nervous system and so +1/0/-1 is all you need to be connected to “you’re” bits of body. Trillions of quantum conversations to atoms using +1/0/-1.(alpha/omega) signaling. We are information based, nothing is solid, we are more light than substance. Spirit / Higgs / quantum information entities, no substance.
eg. they smash atoms together at the LHC, there is no bits that come out… just light effects Higgs non substance elementals of nothings, only effects.
The Holy Grail… or Zup⚜️Grail … the zeropoint connection point/node…North pole where [+1/0/-1 ] [Alpha send}\_Zup you⚜️_/}receive Omega]
We connect / transcend / commune / commute / flow information / 2 way to earth and atom grid. We (our minds) are not in our brains or on earth.

5. North pole / Holy grail

The North pole Holy Grail / portal of Christ,
Zup signaling, Alpha / Omega

We all collect and all connect via North pole⚜️ to the universal.
Earth like an eye, or ear or limb(is a nervous system / brain neuron connection). ie. our body atoms are connected to our own individual singularity mind streams of data from space/universe, an information transfer through the North pole portal ⚜️ .
Our brain are only a 2 way radio of 2D +1|0|-1 information / energy. We are likely star or galactic minds ourselves.
All light bodies are information singularities with
The Holy Grail = The Halo = The Zup ⚜️ Portal
From Atman(singularity) Zup⚜️ ⭐️
to Adam (singularity) Zup⚜️ 🪐
to Atom (singularity) Zup⚜️ 💫

The north pole is key, the Holy Grail Zup ⚜️ the portal of our information in/out. We tap into earth same as we tap into atom, (Zup connection). We are communicating to earth, to atom, we (our minds) are not on earth.
WE are in a black hole, singularity …FLAT and STILL “TO US” but our internal space inside bends the surface inward (ie. curvature cannot be measured or seen, the space on the surface bends warps / wraps the surface space to globe sphere (ie. “spacetime”, but space only not time). We are measurably flat … outside we are spheres spining, revolving glob / globe like other globes information singularities / atom/planet/star) but we don’t feel it physically, earth is isolated, a closed system to the outside universe… Atoms are the same, micro black hole singularities.
Note : we communicate to trillions simultaneously ie. our body atoms. (Zup energy⚜️ Quantizes like liquid crystal, ie. The Higgs God particle of non substance entity creates pseudo mass) LHC collide atoms…there is no resulting physical substance that expel.

The North Pole / Quantum / Higgs

Black hole zeropoint of earth , Globe / Plane. The Higgs connection
The Emanation at the Lomonosov crystal (Christ All)of Alpha / Omega, the out / in signal port of communication to our universal singularities….”us” “stars”…
Lomonosov … The Zup …The Christ of All Light zations.
5km tall crystal of earth ..singularity portal transmission point….zeropoint..
The comparison between the Arctic sea and the Higgs “God particle” is undeniable. Identical, in form and process.

Higgs model matches the North pole

As we are universal mind singularity gods in the universe ourselves, we commune / commute information in/out to earth then to atom via Zup⚜️ …Alpha🔱Omega ω Ω .. signaling.
Note: Alpha and Omega is an appellation of Christ and God in the Book of Revelation.

We live on a 2D plane of quantum information on an event horizon, earth itself is spherical pseudo 3D information .. Singularity black hole/ information. Extreme density at the core enclosing a bubble of information in a universe nothingness.
What is something in nothing vacuum of space if not a black hole in and of itself , size matters, density matters. To the emptiness of space a thought is something, light, an atom and earth is something, all singularities, information sphere/earth mind confined within but also sends / receives information through the Zup⚜️ North pole to our own multiple singularities / mind sources in universe / space… ie. our personal signals quantize into earth, into atom on a quantum plane of pure energy/information/mind earth. (Higgs God Particle form matter/ body reality )
Physically a closed system to the outside universe. Earth and all singularities are like Tardises. Enclosed universal planes in higher dimension, phone box / or sphere. We cannot perceive it walking around inside informational construct of 2D surface planes of information. Signals of Zup organise in pseudo liquid crystal a 3D reality. Holographic in nature.
We are not on earth, we have a aether light universal nervous system …via Zup Alpha / Omega, out/in portal at the north pole of earth and atoms.

The idea is simple, adoption of the black hole properties to earth / atom properties, where a universal something (a thought spark, Quantum dot) establishes itself from the nothing creating a singularity or core. We would expect all established core / singularities are in 1D beginning of cell life closed system to universe, protects / shields itself to the empty space nothing, ie. a black hole closed to the universe, it gave way of 2D information escape and gather, loop back as nerves, adventuring out to see itself / experience itself. Thought/mind/ signal travels through vectors of reaching out and experience itself, growing itself informationally/ quantumly.. Linking vectors with other singularities(earth). Complexity of astronomic information proportion …universal level…godly, to imagine our minds communicating to trillions of our body atoms simultaneously is the same universal level…godly principle of computational communications core, E8 Higgs model “God particle” ability, consistent with universal level … core mind / stars.... information cores / singularities as we ourselves are universal information globs… I think therefore I am, I have / am a core CPU with memory…mind closed system singularity expressing in/out information)

Earth surface bends inwardly, we cannot see or measure it, to us ..flat and still and without any measured gravity effect between two masses ie. no “pull” attraction from atom to atom. As if we were holographic in nature, like data / program in a video game(informational).
Flat world , no curved surface, no spin motion, no gravity, 2D in nature… but simulates 3D within. It does not perceive outside its confines of its CPU chip. The whole process is information based simulation, mental construct. ie. pseudo 3D reality. 2D data information simulating 3D grid. A black hole like earth is the computer / mind. Quantum plane of earth is an emitter / simulator. A “Holodeck” on which we share experience / information.

There is matrix grid to all atoms, they line up on the Zeropoint’s vertical grid/matrix). An aether grid… nanoscale links, up and down on the surface of earth, Sagnac gyros align to it …absolutely …to nanoscale perfection. (a plane can fly from an atom position on a runway and return to the exact same position after crossing the earth surface and back… Zero loss of accuracy. )
Zup grid crystalic matrix sub structure… aetheric subspace, 2D nature.

A nano scale grid at The centre of each atom(their north poles), there is a Zeropoint.
I term as Zup ⚜️ (subspace matrix grid of sort.)
Atoms lock onto a grid of information pathways ie. Zup, signals Alpha / Omega, out/in data of light / higgs flow within the center (the nerve/ spines of Zup axises). There is a Christ-talyzing of atoms along on these zeropoint / Zup axises. A network fibre optic like throughput grid that sends out(Alpha signal ) or up on the Z axises and receive back in/down (Omega signal), this information energizes / activate atoms along the grid.
Similar to a nervous system / and brain neuron flow information back and forth
All singularities …atom earth star.. have a zeropoints Z⚜️ at their north poles.
Informational (mind spheres) singularities with Zup ⚜️ communication up/down out/in.

An emanation/ conduit of light as earth’s “The Holy Grail”… at The North pole Communication portal to the universe stars and galaxies.

Our 1D core singularity minds, our “ATMAN ” is in space / universe (we are likely stars or nebula or planet, ie. thought transmission ), we 2 way data communicate to earth singularity , Star to planet to atom .. via Zup ⚜️.
Dimensional energy tapping out/in, send / receive,
“Alpha / Omega” (ie . Quantum Christ-all-light-zation signal).
Earth gets our signal, and we get feedback, back to our 1D mind. (like a universal nervous system in/out of 2D data. Wrapped “quantum dot” spheres/cells of quantum information)

6. Our Universal Mind singularity

Brain signal interface to Zup⚜️

Our mind is in the universe , not in atom, not in brain, not in earth

Does the brain receive signal from external source?
YES ..via Zup ⚜️ signal connection to mind singularity.
The brain goes dead during sleep or coma, zero brain firing.
(ie. No input output signal as the signal source “mind” is not in the brain, it is outside …remote …Zup
⚜️ signal.. Alpha/Omega out/in up/down ⚜️ )
Note: Healing is also greatly diminished during sleep and most deaths occur during sleep.
Our information signal is downloaded /uploaded (via Zup ⚜️, information communication portal to body / brain from external source,
( ie. External singularity from a CPU type core mind black hole /singularity “us spirit Information singularity ” universal scale… a star of information perhaps …vectoring in/out information , Earth is also a singularity , a mind in itself, (mother earth) closed body to universe but allows external communion / communications to/from other mind singularities …like “us” to connect to her..

Atom to Universe Zup⚜️Matrix grid
Higgs / Quantum Grand Unification

7. Quantum/Higgs, Zup⚜️Zeropoint
The GOD particle

Higgs up axis Vanishes to thin air…
Valid to GUT “Grand Unification Theory” Scale
Higgs Zup⚜️Set by Divine power. 😇 Perfect.

Every atom has a Zeropoint. It goes up from a flat surface, Cartesian like a map, all absolutely perfect, needle in the middle I call Zup because there is no name, other dirac K, z axis. it is so small in proportion to atom (a dimension smaller, like a billionth of an atom. so atoms size 1-5 nano metre , photon 100-200 nm, the zeropoint is 1 millionth of a nano metre. in fact it vanishes into small. also because it is a warped space (flat), all information of the plane is reflected on the zeropoint needle in the centre going up. The information / light is focused up 👆 so atoms are flat (but warped by black hole gravity to the focal point (zeropoint up). space is a grid of Zup’s , A mirror that collects light / energy and emits it back up, like a new type of telescopes with millions of mirrors focusing light to a spot. The spot is zeropoint. So… we are stars or galaxies. I proclaim. If one admits complexity of a galaxy far exceeds what could fit in the brain of a man. One must conclude a galaxy is more complex than me. So it must be that it is even more advanced than me…alive? Maybe it is me. I express my intelligent light , send / receive , to earth? Well the north pole Holy Grail is a Zzeropoint… it is exactly that , my complex galaxy energy reflect within earth. Black holes work like this, event horizon flat warped surface to the zeropoint of its singularity …Alpha (Adam) out… Omega (Eve) in. Zup zeropoint holds universal reference Zero… where Adam and Eve live by the tree of life, (Jesse tree, Lomonosov 5km christal at the north pole zeropoint) , the Holy Grail, our crown halo connects, ….light Christ-alises… or Christ aliases … ie. a representation of galactic self, an avatar, an alias. Our mind is the universe. Complexity exist of far smarter and far dumber representations …on earth.. Some were Buddha , Jesus, Cleopatra…

Dimensional planes

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