Yes, I’m a Flat Earther

After becoming convinced that the world was indeed flat and motionless, I sought out others that believed as I did. Facebook Groups was an obvious place to look.

Unfortunately, Facebook is full of trolls, misinformation and hatred, so it is often hard to find a group that isn’t already overrun by those who wish to ridicule or deceive flat Earthers.

After leaving and/or being ejected from various Flat Earth groups, I came upon a group named, “Yes, I’m a Flat Earther”. This group requires a few questions to be answered first before joining, although the answers are readily available and common knowledge for anyone that is actually, a flat earther. So with that, I joined the group.

Wow, was I happy I joined! YIAFE has become my Facebook home for anything related to Flat Earth. The people there, especially the admins and moderators are flat earth believers and knowers. They are kind, compassionate and are just like you and me. (If you’re just a normal person that has discovered we’ve been lied to and you know water always lays level and flat)

Anyway, I highly recommend the group, so if you are a flat earther and want a Facebook group where you will not be ridiculed for knowing what you know, stop by! will get you there.

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