Why Would Anyone Believe The Earth Is Flat?

Mainstream makes it seem absolutely ridiculous to believe the earth is flat. If you are just starting your research, you might still think the same. However, the only thing ridiculous is not looking and judging for yourself.

For some, it just took looking at the facts. Facts you say? Yes, observable facts such as when water is still, it is level and flat. Our earth is over 70% water. We can observe mountains and buildings that should be hidden by curvature, miles of curvature! We can bring a ship that has sailed “over the curvature” back into view with a camera. But what about NASA? There’s plenty evidence of fakery from all the space agencies. I could go on and on.

For others, like myself, it took another pillar of our society to crumble in front of our eyes. Vaccines ultimately led me to question flat earth. Oh, here we go! Flat earth, antivax! You’re a conspiracy nut! 🙄 This is how our society has trained you to respond. Before you jump to that response, ask yourself why? Why say someone is crazy without looking at what made them believe in the first place?

I grew up pretty mainstream. I never really questioned anything that I was taught. I always believed that the teacher knew what they were teaching. I mean, they went to school for this, right? As an adult, I followed the same path. Never questioned anything.

When I was pregnant with my son, a friend told me to look into vaccines. At first I brushed it off, thinking I was vaccinated and was just fine. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I got nervous so I asked that friend for information. She sent me an enormous file filled with peer reviewed studies. I opened one and felt overwhelmed. I doubted my ability to break it down and truly understand the results. So, again, I pushed it aside and followed doctors orders.

My son followed the cdc schedule for vaccines until we had a break in health insurance. At 9 months, he needed the IPV and Hib vaccines to be caught up. That day my world changed. He cried the whole day, barely ate. He would push me away when I tried to comfort him. His eating and sleeping were off for about a week. His demeanor started to change. Once this happened, I went back to the studies. I’ve spent hundreds of hours going over peer reviewed studies, books, doctor analysis, vaccine inserts, conferences with numerous scientists, doctors, and real people affected by this. I found that we are lied to about vaccines. What mainstream tells us is the complete opposite of the truth in regards to vaccines. You think I’m over exaggerating, I’m not! I promise!

If our government could lie this bad about vaccines, what else are they lying about? Turns out, they lie about EVERYTHING! So, please research everything. Enjoy the ride!

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