Pandora’s box πŸ•‹ Sagnac Fiber Optic Gyroscope

I researched this intently as electronics systems engineer …

For 60 years , a secret tech, on all commercial planes, holds flat and heading absolute. to.03 nm on all axis and heading.
🎈Sagnac gyros know up, absolutely and locks on it flat parallel upon initialisation. Bolted to a planes frame flat and takeoff runway flat it can land flat anywhere on flat earth.

πŸ“Œ Take off AND land with SAME initial flat set. 
initialization or spin up, to set Attitude for level flight and MULTIPLE takeoff and LANDINGS❗
πŸ“Œ They Cannot and DO Not reset them in flight or reset them at every landing. 
In flight spin up, impossible, gyro / plane needs absolute stillness to lock. Time to initialize Β½ hr. 
πŸ’Š Must be real time correction for attitude directly with gyros as guide pilot or autopilot.
πŸ’ŠNo moving parts, ultrafast direct flight control and not computer enhanced or controlled. 
i.e. No lag, No computer hiccup or crash or error.

Flat earth 
All landings or takeoff surface MUST be the same and planes ATTITUDE is locked to it.
So a plane can land anywhere flat like takeoff runway “Cage” or initialized. (i.e. gyros lock in flat)
πŸ“ˆ The fact they takeoff level and land level several flights, it is proof secured.

Globe ball
ALL landing runways would have a DIFFERENT Flat (angle) relative to takeoff ground.
The globe moves and has NO Flat or Ref. to call home. 
πŸ“‰ All landings would be different level / angle on a globe.

The Sagnac interferometer gyroscope. …Light in bottle, spinning flat … to Higgs symmetry , zero point

They stack 2 spools of several kilometers of fiber optic line in 2 equal loops (or mirrors)
One clockwise πŸ”ƒ one counterclockwise πŸ”„
When perpendicular to earth, CW loop light is equal to CCW loop, plus 15Β°/ hr(canceled out by delay one loop for gyro)
The perfect light gyro, spinning in the medium of the universe in a perfect balance, The Z(1) Axis of aether.. Also called the Higgs boson and it has an axis. Z up (a quantum needle up).

A Universal flat reader. Any topple off that axis the gyro will compensate to regain flat through avionics. Further it locks all directionalities, xyz roll pitch yaw…direction, heading….absolute…navigation stems FROM not send TO this device, it only self initializes, on and off there is no adjustment.

They set at takeoff runway, initialize or spin up, locked in
Device move= Light move = Motion = Gyro

πŸ”’Locked to a quantum aether needle, the universal fluidic aether spinning parallel between the north pole and north star axis stars turning around us, 
It centers itself parallel to universe, or perpendicular to flat earth, the gyro is locked to a fixed consistent point in space via light in aether essentially.
Zero movement detected. Stationary flat earth is proven.
πŸŒͺAether gyro. Ultimate space gyro. Earth is flat and fixed. No rotation and no revolving around the sun.

Extended Michelson-Morley Interferometer experiment.

MEMS, quantum ” Tuning ” to universe weak force Zup.
3-axis MEMS gyroscope.

The Standard Model: Fundamental Forces and the Origin of Mass


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