Where do I start with Eric? Well, I guess the most obvious place is Flat Earth. Just as hundreds of thousands of other people, Eric is responsible for waking me up to flat earth. I owe him my sincere gratitude and admiration for the work he does.

My first introduction to FE was around 2016. I was still mostly asleep to the world around me at that time, so I followed Eric’s work with kid gloves. Flat Earth was an interesting idea, but I suppose I was still waiting for the catch after the bait. I was also much more occupied with every day life. Still a Newlywed, new baby son, new job. My life was is very complicated.

After becoming aware of the overwhelming amount of evidence about 9/11, The Challenger Hoax, The Moon Landing Hoax, Hoax after Hoax after Hoax. Then enters into my life yet again, Flat Earth. Everything always lead back to Flat Earth. It always will. Flat Earth is the ultimate deception.

The elite that run our world have convinced the masses of many unproven, unscientific, half-baked and immature theories like gravity, evolution and the big bang theory. Eric introduced me to the truth about some of these deceptions that all support each other. Free Energy, Evolution Hoax, Dinosaur Hoax, NWO, Holohoax, Freemasonry. The list goes on and on.

Eric is also a musician, an artist, a kick ass video editor, and a vegan. He has introduced me to a different ways of living, eating and being. Specifically on begin vegan, he also exposes the unfair, inhumane and downright cruel treatment of animals slated for consumption. It’s absolutely horrifying.

Eric Dubay’s messages cannot be summarized in a small blog post, so I will link you directly to his website. EricDubay.com

Eric’s Other Websites:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0_CSKUIVVFlfocgezQEBDg
The Atlantean Conspiracy: http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/
The International Flat Earth Research Society (IFERS): http://ifers.123.st/

Thank you Eric.

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